Technology Trends for Meetings and Conventions

Technology is moving forward at breakneck speeds and in order to stay competitive in any industry, professionals need to keep up their change management in order to be up-to-date on the latest trends. At Distill Strategic, we have studied the trends and think these are some of the most interesting ones for the meetings industry:

Top Tech Trends

1)    Free Wi-Fi: The staple of the new-age meeting, free Wi-Fi across entire meeting and convention spaces is becoming a new necessity

2)    Smartphone Engagement: Smartphones are becoming the top method of accessing the Internet, so connecting with meeting attendees using all-in-one apps is a great way to keep connected. Gaming tools like www.scvngr.com are a great, fun way to keep people engaged

3)    Hybrid Meetings and Events: Meeting planners’ communication strategies shouldn’t be limited to in-person communication. With many companies globalizing, broadcasting a speaker or workshop online is a great way to engage both event attendees and those from across the globe who otherwise would not be able to justify the cost of attending. Sites like www.livestream.com host conference videos that will connect you with your international offices.

4)    Indoor Positioning Systems: More accurate that GPS and Wi-Fi triangulation, systems from www.Wifarer.com and www.sherpa-solutions.com provide precise positioning (up to 1 meter) to ensure none of attendees waste time getting lost in vast conference centres

5)    Automated Services: given the choice between a traditional front desk, self-serve and iPad check-in options at a hotel, 40% of guests chose the iPad option

Trends to Look Out For

1)    Li-Fi: Researches from Fudan University are working to develop LED light bulbs that can transmit Wi-Fi signals using light waves instead of radio waves

2)    Google Glass: Google is in the process of developing a wearable computer that projects information into your field of vision http://www.google.com/glass/start/

3)    3D Printing: as this type of technology becomes more widely accessible, it has the potential to benefit trade shows by allowing booths to print out their products on site

Human behaviour has been a constant source of fascination for Adrienne. From university through each step of her career it’s been the common thread – first leading her to event and incentive management and ultimately to providing strategic consultation on employee productivity and business effectiveness. Adrienne knows from experience that collecting and distilling information is essential to generate insight. She views this process as a necessary discipline for all organizations seeking to elevate employee engagement and performance results. Adrienne is a sharp strategic thinker with a keen attention to detail. Her extensive expertise in employee engagement and corporate communications allows Adrienne to deliver strategic recommendations that energize businesses and generate results. Adrienne was the chief catalyst and founder of Dentsu Canada Inc’s Employee Engagement and Meetings & Events division. She has produced results for clients like Lexus, EMI Music Canada, City of Brampton, Toronto Hydro, Cognos Incorporated, National Bank of Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sobeys, Computershare and UNICEF.

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