Making the Connection Between Employee Recognition and Engagement

Having an engaged company won’t only lead to a happier workplace, it is also more likely that an engaged culture will foster innovation, creativity, and productivity and eventually lead to happier clients.

Engagement doesn’t have to be a difficult or costly thing to attain either. According to a study by Aberdeen Group, employee recognition was found to be the biggest determinate for engagement in top companies across various industries.

With employee recognition becoming such a trend, it’s also come a long way from simply “getting that raise”. Recognition can be anything from sending a thank you note to employees who have been putting in extra hours, an employee of the month program, a longer lunch after finishing a tough project or even simple communication between staff and upper management.

There are virtually endless ways to show employees that you care about them, so since you’re such a great leader yourself, get out there and let your staff know they’re just as amazing!

Human behaviour has been a constant source of fascination for Adrienne. From university through each step of her career it’s been the common thread – first leading her to event and incentive management and ultimately to providing strategic consultation on employee productivity and business effectiveness. Adrienne knows from experience that collecting and distilling information is essential to generate insight. She views this process as a necessary discipline for all organizations seeking to elevate employee engagement and performance results. Adrienne is a sharp strategic thinker with a keen attention to detail. Her extensive expertise in employee engagement and corporate communications allows Adrienne to deliver strategic recommendations that energize businesses and generate results. Adrienne was the chief catalyst and founder of Dentsu Canada Inc’s Employee Engagement and Meetings & Events division. She has produced results for clients like Lexus, EMI Music Canada, City of Brampton, Toronto Hydro, Cognos Incorporated, National Bank of Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sobeys, Computershare and UNICEF.

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