Creative Confidence

We’ve been brought up in a world that has taught us that creativity is something only a gifted few possess. As kids, we draw, design, build and create but most of us are eventually put down and made to think that our prized creations are not as valuable as we would like to believe. Slowly, we’re taught that we’re just not creative people.

David and Tom Kelly have made it their mission to re-teach us how to be creative. They began a company, IDEO, and have used their own creative power to create the first Apple mouse and some of the early Apple computers. Since then, they’re written a book called Creative Confidence, expanding their repertoire to help pave the way back to creativity for the rest of the world. They’re strong believers that creativity is something that everyone possesses and drawing it out is just a matter of having enough confidence to put your ideas out there.

Their newest project is a concept called OPENIDEO. It’s a creative confidence project for young adults, challenging them to design fun and engaging ways that build and develop creative confidence.

If you’re in need of a quick creative confidence boost, check out David Kelly’s TED talk.

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