Creating Events That Are Both Professionally and Personally Meaningful: Spark Camp

In order to break away from traditional event structures, Amanda Michel, Andy Pergam, Matt Thompson and Amy Webb decided to create an event of their own: Spark Camp. After putting together 5 sessions, the Spark Camp founders put together a list of 10 values they put into each of their events: 1) People are the key ingredients: Spark Camp goes for quality over quantity in their attendees and look to invite 70 people w
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Creating a Human Organization

Innovation can be a key attribute for helping a company stand out from the competition, especially in the fast-moving world of software development. At Menlo Innovations, CEO Richard Sheridan and his team don’t only create innovative programs, but their entire company culture is also based around the innovative concept of workplace joy. While a word like “joy” may seem unproductive and unprofitable to many businesses
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