Employee Engagement

City of Brampton, Performance Management

Distill The City of Brampton approached us to help employees understand the strategic planning behind the transformation of the City’s performance management and training programs Over a short period of time, the City had launched an impressive array of initiatives: A completely re-imagined performance management approach, shifting the focus of performance reviews from a role-based system, to measuring progress based
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City of Brampton, Employee Engagement Survey

Distill The City of Brampton engaged us to develop, implement and conduct analysis on their employee engagement survey Like any municipality, the City has an extremely diverse workforce, requiring a wide range of skills and professions from policy enforcers and firefighters to office workers and groundskeepers. The city also employs a combination of union and non-union workers Our team was selected based on our colle
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Toronto Hydro All Employee Meeting: “Did you Know?” Video

Objective Distill Strategic was challenged to develop a creative opening video for Toronto Hydro’s All Employee Information Session to highlight changes happening within the organization, and the hydro industry. Watch: Toronto Hydro All Employee Meeting: “Did you Know?” Video Distill Our distillation process revealed… The company’s strategic planning had achieved important milestones that deserved to be celebra
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