Toronto Hydro All Employee Meeting: “Did you Know?” Video


Distill Strategic was challenged to develop a creative opening video for Toronto Hydro’s All Employee Information Session to highlight changes happening within the organization, and the hydro industry.

Watch: Toronto Hydro All Employee Meeting: “Did you Know?” Video


Our distillation process revealed…

  • The company’s strategic planning had achieved important milestones that deserved to be celebrated. For example: In 2012, Toronto Hydro received the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association President’s Award for 3,000,000 hours worked without a lost time injury
  • In 2012, Toronto Hydro produced an internal communication strategy which developed an employee calendar that included a set of custom graphics.  These graphics could become the creative foundation for the video
  • The company had an ambitious list of key facts to share in the video. Our chief creative challenge would be to deliver this content in a way that fostered employee engagement


  • Distill created a video themed around a single question: “Did You Know?” The video used infographic-style animations to reveal surprising facts about Toronto Hydro in a fun, fresh, and fast-paced way.
  • The animations incorporated graphics from the employee calendar—a cost-effective solution that gave the video a distinct style which utilized brand management
  • The video was set to a fast-moving music soundtrack, creating a compelling, high-energy kick-off to the meeting


  • The “Did You Know?” video was extremely well-received with many compliments received at the event.
  • Toronto Hydro later posted the video on its Linked-In Careers page, as a recruitment tool for new employees and to foster employee engagement