City of Brampton, Performance Management


  • The City of Brampton approached us to help employees understand the strategic planning behind the transformation of the City’s performance management and training programs
  • Over a short period of time, the City had launched an impressive array of initiatives:
    • A completely re-imagined performance management approach, shifting the focus of performance reviews from a role-based system, to measuring progress based on competencies selected by employees that actually supported their career goals
    • A new employee engagement training program that proactively identified and developed employees with leadership and/or management potential
    • The introduction of a coaching program, empowering employees to reach out for external expertise to support their professional development
  • The challenge faced by the city was developing an internal communication strategy that was unintimidating, fostered understanding, and spoke to the new opportunities now available
  • While a visual of the process had been created internally, it did not foster employee engagement as it used jargon that would be unfamiliar to most staff at the city


  • Our recommendation was to develop a strategic plan that created an info graphic visual that captured the entire performance management process from an employee’s perspective
  • This graphic would illustrate how each component of the performance management process fit together, as well as the relationship of various elements to each other; it would simplify the process for employees, making it easy to understand and increasing employee engagement with the project
  • We would also create a video, using the graphic as the basis for the narrative, telling the complete story of performance management and training at the City of Brampton in an imaginative, engaging way
  • We communicated extensively with the City’s subject matter experts to ensure we thoroughly understood the process and all the components involved
  • Ultimately, we developed the info graphic using the creative concept of a game board – illustrating that the reimagined process and components empowered employees to ‘make their move’ to advance at the City


  • The introduction of the graphic was considered very beneficial by employees and the HR team at the City and employee engagement was successfully fostered
  • The info graphic itself has been used in posters across the City’s offices and facilities, as well as a means of internal communication on the internal portal; the video has been used in launch events to introduce the new process – it also lives on the portal, and is being used in onboard sessions; as well, there has been some discussion of adapting the graphic into an interactive app that employees can access using their mobile devices


“Outstanding! The message was very clear, and our audience really liked how the material was presented. It was a real credibility builder for the HR team!”

– Sherry Adams, Executive Director, Human Resources at City of Brampton