City of Brampton, Employee Engagement Survey


  • The City of Brampton engaged us to develop, implement and conduct analysis on their employee engagement survey
  • Like any municipality, the City has an extremely diverse workforce, requiring a wide range of skills and professions from policy enforcers and firefighters to office workers and groundskeepers. The city also employs a combination of union and non-union workers
  • Our team was selected based on our collective employee engagement experience, having conducted surveys for more than 500 organizations, representing over 700,000 employees


  • The diverse range of professions at the City was a key consideration when developing the survey. For example, employee motivation factors for an emergency worker can be different than employee engagement factors for a park employee. We used a variety of techniques to address these issues:
  • Project and Strategic Planning: we established the survey content, administration methods and internal and external communication, and identified all target audiences
  • Survey Development: the survey was drafted, reviewed and finalized, taking into account the needs of the City and the employee audience.
  • Survey Deployment: employees with corporate email addresses were engaged through internal communication emails with distinct URLs, while employees without computers could access kiosks using a generic URL. In addition, paper surveys were available for employees who preferred this medium
  • Data Analysis: the survey data was subjected to a series of descriptive and predictive analyses. An engagement score was calculated, and key drivers of engagement were analyzed to determine their potential impact on employee engagement. Key themes and findings emerged through the review process
  • Findings and Recommendations: by using strategic planning, a report was developed for the city, providing a summary of survey findings, recommendations based on the data gathered, with detailed results compiled in the appendices.


  • The survey results equipped the City of Brampton with vital business metrics, revealing employee engagement strengths and threats which could be addressed in the City’s business strategy and performance
  • While internal and external customer service was determined to be a key factor in employee motivation across the city, the survey also revealed that many believed they didn’t have the resources necessary to do their job. Employees also wanted to know more about the City’s strategic planning and direction
  • As a result, the City is now rolling out new initiatives that will further support employees in their roles, and better communicate the City’s vision