The City of Brampton Employee Recruitment



In order to attract higher caliber employment candidates, the City of Brampton approached us to reimagine its online recruitment approach.


Our distillation process revealed…

  • The City’s existing copy on recruitment websites was not compelling to prospective employees – the language was corporate vs. engaging, and did not speak to the opportunities available at the City. Employee engagement was not being fostered
  • In addition, the copy didn’t speak to the City’s unique culture – an entrepreneurial and innovative environment that defies conventional thinking about municipal employment
  • The City’s main competitors (other municipalities) were not distinguishing themselves as prospective employers, providing the opportunity for a competitive advantage


  • We recognized an opportunity for change management to distinguish recruitment at the City of Brampton from other municipalities
  • While creating a marketing strategy with a brand or tag line risked distressing the City’s brand, there was the potential to create a communication strategy messaging platform that resonated with prospects, connecting them to the City
  • After exploring many possibilities, we landed on ‘Brampton: We’re What’s Next’ and ‘Imagine Your Future’ as the core of this platform
  • ‘We’re What’s Next’ challenged prospects to consider Brampton as the next move in their career while also presenting Brampton as an employer where a ‘what’s next’ was always possible, thanks to an advanced performance management program
  • Meanwhile, ‘Imagine Your Future’ fostered employee engagement and motivation by connecting with prospects on an aspirational, emotional level, and positioned Brampton as an emerging city with a bright future
  • Using this messaging platform as our foundation, we reinvented the City of Brampton’s recruitment copy, making a strong case for the City as an employer, while also appealing to prospects on a human level
  • This messaging platform was then used to inspire a compelling new graphic approach for the City’s recruiting efforts


  • The messaging platform has resonated powerfully beyond recruitment. ‘Imagine Your Future’ is now the internal brand for the City’s Performance Management Program while ‘We’re What’s Next’ is being used by training
  • LinkedIn has commented that the copy for the City of Brampton’s recruitment page is among the most effective ever posted to their site
  • The graphic identity established for recruitment has been extended across all HR initiatives, from performance management and Training to Planning, creating a strong, united brand for HR
Client:City of Brampton
Date: January 03, 2012